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24 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within the current 2-year recertification period consisting of

Must be within 60 days of recertification date.

Must maintain continuous membership.

Continuing Education


Non-members must retest. 



Continuing Education Units CEUs

CEU credit is recognized for most educational events which provide information

relevant to healthcare management as cited in Appendix D of the CMM Handbook.

  • Live, Instructor Led Training
  • Applicable to one or more of the Nine Domains
  • Domain 7 qualifies for HITCM-PP
  • Upload Attendance Certificate


Self-study courses, except those specifically approved in advance by PAHCOM, are not recognized for CEU credit. This applies to non-live recordings of otherwise approved or recognized events as attendance cannot be verified.



The CEU Log is a cumulative record  of continuing education units.


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Recertification Date

PAHCOM email reminder sent at 60 days of recertification date. 


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Recertification Due Date = Certification or Recertification Date + 2 years

Due Date

Late re-certifications will not be accepted and result in decertification.  Retest is then required to regain CMM credential.


PAHCOM audits a percentage of certified professionals each fiscal quarter to comply with national accreditation standards and ensure the integrity of the certification program.  PAHCOM recommends that you retain the original documents for the current and past recertification cycles in case of system failure.  Inability to provide supporting documentation for each CEU claimed may result in rejection of claimed CEUs and review by the Recertification Committee. 

Reference CMM Candidate Handbook

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